NEPA Talkback Community

I started this community when the original Talkback 16 Online was shut down way for those members to continue to have an open forum to discuss all things related to NEPA or whatever else they wanted to discuss.

During this time I’ve had my share of users that feel they don’t need to be civil, don’t need to follow standard rules of common decency and feel they can say and do whatever they please with no regard for anyone else. I’ve dealt with these users and, each time, almost pressed the button and shut down. It just didn’t seem worth it. Ultimately I decided to keep the board open so those that wanted to could continue to converse.

But once again, we continue to have users that feel they can say and do anything and then when they are stopped, take it one step further and start attacking people on personal levels. I’ve dealt with these newest rounds to threats at a higher level and I’ve also decided that I will no longer be susceptible to these attacks.

I have decided it is time to shut this site down. I’m sorry that it had to come to this but, there no matter what you do there is always someone out there that has to ruin it for everyone. I guess the old saying is true, "No good deed goes unpunished". To those of you that supported me and this site through the few years it has been here, Thank you! I truly hope you find another outlet to continue.